The test drive that comes to you

The HelloCars $99 Valet Test Drive lets you experience any car in your own suburb, in your own driveway, in your own time.

HelloCars Valet Test Drive

How does it work?

We understand that some customers prefer to test drive a car before placing a deposit. With the HelloCars $99 Valet Test Drive, HelloCars will bring your car to you anywhere in the Sydney-metro area for a 30 minute test drive.

Don't miss out

Don't miss out!

As Australia's first online-only car dealer, customers can reserve a vehicle at any time. We recommend reserving your car with a fully-refundable $500 deposit when booking your $99 Valet Test Drive to avoid disappointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HelloCars Valet Test Drive?

The test drive is a strategy that traditional car dealers use to get you excited enough to sign on the dotted line. But really, how much can you learn from a quick spin around the block? At HelloCars we don't think that's very fair, so instead we give you 3 days to "test own" your car to make absolutely sure it's the right fit for your lifestyle. If you'd still be comfortable testing driving the car first, our Valet Test Drive service provides the best of both worlds.

Is the $99 fee refundable if I buy the car?

The Valet Test Drive is a service that HelloCars provides to make it simple and convenient to test drive a car at a time and place that suits you, so this fee is not refundable even if you buy the car.

What happens if someone else reserves the car before my test drive?

If someone else reserves the vehicle before your test drive, we will contact you to cancel your appointment and refund the full $99 fee. As the lowest-price dealer in the market, this does happen quite often so we always encourage customers to reserve their vehicle of choice with a fully-refundable $500 deposit when booking a Valet Test Drive.

Book your $99 Valet Test Drive

We recommend reserving your car with a fully-refundable $500 deposit when booking a test drive!